Chip and Renee Wittrock formed Wittrock Financial Group in 1987 with a focus on providing simple, and effective strategies, changing the way clients benefit from insurance and investments.

Financial Advisor

Chip Wittrock

Putting his clients’ best interests in the forefront of every recommendation, and sticking to his philosophy of “if your wealth management approach is not integrated with your risk management approach and your tax planning approach, it is fundamentally flawed,” Walter (Chip) Wittrock, Jr. has enjoyed nearly 30 years as a wealth advisor for a select group of business owners, professionals and individuals, successfully helping them structure their assets to ensure they have the lifestyle they want while maximizing their retirement.

Presence of mind, concern from the heart and attention to every detail are qualities that Chip displays in his work and personal life.

A philanthropist with an emphasis on conservation and community Chip is active at a high level. For the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Chip sits on the Political Policy Action Committee, the Airpark Action Committee and frequents the Economic Development Advisory Council. He is a former board member for the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association, the Arizona Chapter of the Christopher Reeves Foundation.

In 2014 the wildlife conservation organization, Pheasants Forever, asked him to spearhead the creation of a Quail Forever Board in the Greater Phoenix area. Chip is currently the president of the board of the rapidly growing Valley of the Sun Quail Forever chapter, an organization focused on providing the right habitat and resources to increase the quail population to support sustainable hunting populations, and involving more young people in the sport so that they would begin to appreciate, enjoy and preserve Arizona’s wilderness areas. He also sits on the board for the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC). Chip is also a LIFE MEMBER for both Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever.

As a dedicated husband and father, Chip spends most of his non-working hours leading his family in outdoor activities: Golfing, hunting, fishing, boating and camping with his son, Levi, and his wife, Renee, are among his favorites. If he does take free time for himself, you will find him on the golf course at Ancala Country Club.

Business Development Manager

Renee Wittrock

Renee Wittrock is not just a seasoned professional in the field of financial services but a living chronicle of wealth management, insurance, and financial planning knowledge. With over 35 years of hands-on experience, Renee has navigated through various terrains of the industry, not just with professionalism but with an expertise that is both innate and honed.

Born into a family where insurance was the bread and butter, Renee considers herself an “Insurance Brat.” A title she wears with grace and a dash of humor. Her father was a dedicated employee of John Hancock Insurance Company, and his commitment meant the family relocated every 18 months to open new agencies across the country. This nomadic lifestyle instilled in Renee, not just a dynamic worldview, but an intrinsic understanding of the insurance landscape from a tender age.

A relentless advocate for financial literacy and insurance education, Renee is the acclaimed author of “Life Insurance Mistakes” and “Annuity Mistakes.” These pivotal reads distill her three and a half decades of experience, unveiling common pitfalls and offering insights that stem from a life lived amidst policy papers and insurance contracts. She has carved a niche for herself as the guiding light for those navigating the often turbulent waters of life insurance and annuities.

Jovially, Renee admits to reading insurance contracts for fun – a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment to her profession. However, beneath the robust professional exterior lies a woman with a rich tapestry of personal interests. The outdoors call to her, offering a sanctuary where she rejuvenates and finds inspiration. Each rustle of leaves and gentle flow of rivers echo the fluidity and dynamism of the financial landscapes she navigates daily.

At home, family is Renee’s anchor. Every moment spent with them is treasured, an oasis of warmth and love amidst the figures and contracts that populate her professional life. Her dog, Gypsy, is not just a pet but a companion whose loyalty and affection mirror the integrity and passion Renee pours into her work.

In Renee Wittrock, you find a harmonious blend of a seasoned professional and a woman deeply rooted in family and nature. Her journey, a dance between the structured world of finance and the liberating experiences of family and the outdoors, makes her not just a consultant but a companion in the intricate journey of financial and life planning. She stands not above, but with those she serves, a testament to a life and career built on the foundational pillars of expertise, experience, and empathy.



Chip and Renee Wittrock have been providing straightforward, sophisticated and effective insurance and investment solutions, successfully helping clients structure their assets to help ensure that they have the lifestyle they want while minimizing their risk.

If your wealth management approach is not integrated with your risk management approach and your tax planning approach…it is fundamentally flawed.


Passion for financial services is my compass, guiding clients to financial empowerment is not a job; it’s my purpose.




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