After 30 years spent helping small business owners make their life “work optional,” and as Airpark small business owners themselves for decades, Chip and Renee Wittrock chose to go on a mission to promote local businesses in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Renee and Chip live and work in the Scottsdale Airpark, and one night, they took a Sunday night drive around the area in “The Commander” (which is what they call their UTV). Chip was astounded by the number of businesses they did NOT know were located in the Airpark, and by the sheer abundance of small businesses tucked away in hard-to-see places. They wanted to do something to bring awareness to these businesses.

As a Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member and the Chairperson for the Airpark Action Committee, Renee feels a deep responsibility to help small businesses thrive in this area. She created Airpark eNews, which exists to help Scottsdale Airpark Businesses elevate their local exposure and was started by Airpark Aficionado Renee Wittrock and her team after discovering that almost 90% of the businesses operating in the Airpark had less than 10 employees.

After Chip’s revelation about ‘tucked away’ businesses, together Renee and Chip created “Feature Friday,” which is an opportunity for Airpark small businesses to elevate their exposure and share success stories with viewers using Facebook Live.



Are you an Airpark Business Person? If so, would you like to be interviewed on an upcoming Feature Friday? Complete this form and one of the Airpark eNews team members will reach out to you to set a date

Small business owners have special needs when it comes to their own retirement, their employees’ retirement benefits and their succession plan to carry their business into the future.




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